100 mm


    Suction path is almost straight to the pipe and hence frictional loss is very less.
    Natural rubber flap totally prevents water leakage
    Ruggedly built with graded cast Iron
    Compact design and easy to install
    Metal parts of Foot Valves are coated with bituminous paint to avoid rust formation
    It increases water discharge upto 20% and reduces energy consumption upto 10% 


C.R.I. energy efficient frictionless Foot Valves and Reflux Valves are basically swing type Non Return Valves. Foot Valves are available in screwed type construction and Reflux Valves have threaded portions at both the ends. They are specially designed to give an unrestricted smooth flow of water and thus to reduce the frictional losses to a minimum. The C.R.I. frictionless Foot Valve has 'K' value less than 0.8 and 'K' value for Reflux Valves are less than 0.5. Thereby it reduces additional load on prime mover and also gives more discharge.

Foot Valve is placed at the lower end of the suction pipe of a centrifugal end suction pumpset to retain water in the pumpset casing and suction pipe to keep the pumpsets always in priming condition. Reflux and Non Return Valves are fitted generally in the delivery pipeline to avoid water hammer, up thrust and backspin effects in the pumping system. These can also be used anywhere in the suction line of which the bottom end is entered into a bore pipe or tube well. The pressure withstanding capacity of Reflux Valve and Non Return Valve are 1 bar and 15 bar respectively.


Meterial of Condtruction Cast iron
Models Screw type, Flange type, BOrewell type
Maximum operating head 10 m
Available nominal size in mm screw 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150 mm
“K” value Less than 0.8 units
Maximum Liquid Temperature 33o C



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Additional activities

1. Water diving
2. Borewell drilling
3. Water yield testing
4. Pump fittings


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