Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps - ACM Series

100 mm

    High operating efficiency resulting lower power consumption
    Dynamically balanced rotating parts
    Intended for wide voltage fluctuations
    Back pull out design for easy maintenance
    Single- phase motor is incorporated with imported motor protector


DESCRIPTION: C.R.I. Centrifugal monoblock pump’s volute chamber and impellers are designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency and good suction lift. Sealing is by means of a bellows mechanical seal made of carbon & ceramic is fitted over the shaft ,which is ground to close tolerance. These pumps are power-driven by a totally enclosed fan cooled A.C. Induction two pole motor. Motor stator is made of low watt loss silicon steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in the frame.

Power 0.37 kW – 2.2 kW (0.5HP-3 HP)
Frequency / Speed 50 Hz / 2880 RPM
Version Single phase 200-240V, 50Hz, A.C Supply, Permanent split capacitor (CSR) incorporated with thermal cutout relay (motor Protector). Three phase, 380 -415V, 50Hz, A.C Supply
Maximum flow rate 17.8 IPs (64 M3 / Hr)
Maximum total head 52.5 metres
Maximum Operating Pressure 5.25 Bar
Degree of Protection IP 44/ IP 54
Class of insulation A & B
Direction of rotation Clockwise viewed from driving end
Type of duty S1 (continuous)
Sealing Mechanical Seal (Carbon & ceramic)
Maximum suction lift in metre 7
Maximum liquid temperature 33o c
Maximum ambient temperature 40o c
Nominal Pump size in inches(Suction & Delivery) 1 x 1, 1¼ x 1, 1½ x 1¼, 1½ x 1½, 2 x 1½, 2 x 2, 2½ x 2, 3 x 2½, & 3 x 3

Material of Construction
Part Name Material
Pump Casing Cast Iron
Motor Frame Cast Iron / Aluminium
Impeller Cast Iron / Stainless Steel
Shaft Stainless Steel
Sealing Mechanical Seal (Carbon & Ceramic)


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Additional activities

1. Water diving
2. Borewell drilling
3. Water yield testing
4. Pump fittings


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