Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps - CH, CS, BP SERIES

100 mm



Single shaft for motor and pump ensures good mechanical strength
Dynamically balanced rotating parts such as impeller and rotor
Bronze impeller in specific models
Taper roller bearing in higher HP pumps
Graphite coated asbestos packing rope is used to increase bush life
Monoblock with extension shaft in specific models

C.R.I. Centrifugal monoblock pump’s volute chamber and impellers are designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency and good suction lift characteristics. Most modern and highly sophisticated machinery and technology are employed in the manufacture of these pumps using quality raw materials. Dynamically balanced impellers and rotors are ensuring the long life of the pump. These pumps are powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled A.C. Induction two pole motor or four pole motor is suitable for continuous duty . Motor stator is made of low watt loss silicon steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in the frame.

Power Range 2.2 kW -15 kW (3HP-20 HP ) CH Series 2.2 kW & 3.7kW (3HP & 5 HP) – DM Series 1.5 kW - 9.3 kW ( 2HP – 12.5 HP) –CS Series
Speed CH & DM Series -2880 RPM, CS Series -1440 RPM
Versions Three Phase, 380 -415V, 50Hz,A.C. Supply
Degree of protection IP 44
Class of Insulation A, E,& B
Direction of rotation Clockwise viewed from Driving end
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)

Material of Construction of Motor
Part Name CH Series CS Series DM Series
Pump Casing Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Motor Frame Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron / Bronze Cast Iron Cast Iron
Shaft Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel
Sealing Gland Rope Gland Rope Gland Rope


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Additional activities

1. Water diving
2. Borewell drilling
3. Water yield testing
4. Pump fittings


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