100 mm


    Metal parts of air valve is coated with epoxy paint to avoid rust formation
    Double acting air valve in specific sizes
    Rubber washer is made up of synthetic rubber for Long life.


C.R.I.Air valve is connected with delivery pipeline to eliminate the trapped air in the system. Normally in horizontal pipeline, due to un-evenness in ground level, there will be an entry of air into the pipeline it results in pipe damages. Air valves are installed in the pipelines.
Materials of construction Cast iron
Models Single acting & double acting
Available nominal size in mm single acting standard 12, 19, 25 mm
Heavy 12, 19, 25 mm
Double acting 50 mm
Maximum Operating Pressure             5 bar ( Single acting) 15 bar (Double acting)



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Additional activities

1. Water diving
2. Borewell drilling
3. Water yield testing
4. Pump fittings


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